For I will be horribly in love with her

When I said I should die a bachelor
Coffins for Sale on HiL

For many people, being horribly in love is a defining part of their life - but why stop there? HiL have a wide selection of coffins available to ensure that being horribly in love can be a defining part of death as well.

Our coffins are available in a wide variety of makes and prices, from the simple cardboard box (0.50) to the standard six-foot wooden casket (up to 700 depending on the wood used) to our Super-Deluxe Four-Bedroom With Ensuite Jacuzzi And Sauna Maxi-CoffinTM (Limited Edition - from 250,000 excluding VAT). All prices are in pounds sterling, but we will also accept payment in euros, American dollars and cabbages.

Our clients purchase coffins for a number of reasons, primarily to allow themselves to continue to advertise the Horribly in Love message after death or to bury a deceased loved one. Don't forget, though, that a coffin can be much more than a place to go when your heart finally stops beating (assuming, of course, you don't just get taken to intensive care) - coffins can also be used as beds, tables, double bass cases and bathtubs by the living, and indeed we have makes especially suited for all of these purposes.

Our coffins are available in a number of different materials, including most soft- and hardwoods and various plastics and metals. Special edition coffins carved from precious and not-so-precious stones can also be purchased. For more information, please contact us for delivery of the HiL Coffin Catalogue, which includes details on our entire range.

Please take a few moments to admire some pictures of some of our products:

'For I will be horribly in love with her' Coffin
Coffin embossed with the 'For I will be horribly in love with her' quotation

HiL Heart Coffin
Coffin embossed with the HiL heart logo

HiL heart

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